Hunger is a growing problem in Oregon that hurts families, children, seniors and those who are disabled. In an average month, an estimated 260,000 people in Oregon and Clark County, WA., ate meals from emergency food boxes. Of those, 86,000 were children.

Oregon Lawyers Against Hunger's (OLAH) annual fundraising campaign has raised over $1.5 million to fight hunger since 1997. Join your colleagues and be a part of the effort. If every lawyer donated just $50 or more we would reach our goal.

Your donation supports Oregon Food Bank's mission to eliminate hunger and its root causes. OFB helps nearly one in five households fend off hunger by distributing food from a variety of sources through a statewide network that includes its four branches (in Beaverton, Ontario, Portland and Tillamook), 16 independent regional food banks and 947 partner agencies. OFB also addresses the root causes of hunger through advocacy, education programs for low-income youth and adults and by bringing communities together to strengthen local and regional food systems

Please join OLAH in helping the Oregon Food Bank fight hunger and its root causes...because no one should be hungry.

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